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    Our key services

    Ambassador Service
    We’ll assign you a dedicated ambassador when you confirm a group booking for more than 100 people. Our ambassadors will be there every step of the way, to provide you a premium service that goes beyond the contracting, production and invoicing phases of the event.
    Specialized Advisory Service
    Book your event through the Group Sales Office and you’ll get a direct line to our highly experienced advisors. Ask about event and industry best practises and how to maximize your meeting results. Our team is always delighted to share several decades’ worth of success stories.

    Customized Professional Response 
    We know how important it is to get an accurate and competitive quote. We will contact you to assess your needs in depth, based on which we’ll provide you our very best offer, including price, availability and terms & conditions.

    Free, Easy Wi-Fi
    We’re so passionate about keeping you connected that we’ve doubled our free Wi-Fi speed in all rooms and public areas. Plus, we’re proud to say that 85% of our hotels will have new easy access from July 2014 that’ll have you on the internet in just 2 clicks.

    Tempting Breaks
    Delight your audience with unique and locally-inspired cuisine. You’ll find that our exquisite presentation makes coffee breaks even more tempting for your guests. Our delicious food is meticulously prepared by our chefs who use only the freshest natural ingredients. We can adapt to your needs and we can personalize coffee breaks by decorating the food with your own company logo.
    Enjoy our tasty coffee breaks, designed to make sure you return to your meeting full of energy.

    Eco-Friendly Meetings
    With sustainability issues so close to our heart, we’ve introduced a new way of hosting events. At your request, we can let you know the carbon footprint of your event and offset it through environmental projects around the world.

    High Tech made easy
    At NH Hotel Group we believe in creating inspiring, memorable events, that will help you to achieve the highest success. Constant innovation is part of what drives us!
    Our hotels are equipped with the most advanced technology to create High Impact Events & High Performance Meetings, that help to transform your business by generating the highest level of engagement with your employees and customers.

        NH High Impact events

    The Holographic Telepresence creates evolving and memorable events bringing your products and ideas to life with state-of-the-art 3D graphic projections and giving you the possibility of being in two places at the same time. 
        NH High Performance meetings 

    Powered by the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync Online. NH High Performance Meeting Rooms, will provide you with the next generation video conferences, virtual and visual collaboration solutions, so you can transform your business and raise the engagement of your teams.

    Join NH MEETINSG at the forefront of technology, sharing your ideas and collaborating with your audience in this innovative way.

    Always Yes! 
    You imagine it, we make it happen. This is our service philosophy and we put it into action in different ways:

    • Onsite event manager to assist you throughout your event and make sure everything runs smoothly
    • Onsite technical assistant to make sure all audiovisual equipment is ready and working
    • Always-ready meeting rooms that you can inspect before your event and which will be ready to go 1 hour before your meeting begins
    • Personalized food and drink menus if you have any special requests or dietary needs

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